Friday August 25

August 24th, 2017

Strength / Skillwork

None today


If you did both B-day WODs in the last couple of days, then definitely use this time for active recovery and take it easier. Especially take it easy on shoulders if they are feeling a little beat.

Tempo Gymnastics Day, 4 Rounds
Front Lever Progression* – Max Hold
Elbow Plank, 1:00
5 Push-ups (50X2)
5 Left Side Plank w/ side Bends (3333)
5 Ring Rows (4242)
5 Right Side Plank w/ side Bends (3333)
:20 Handstand Hold + 2 Strict Reps (abmats as needed)
Make the movements as hard as you can handle them by rounds 3 + 4.

*Both legs tucked, 1 leg Tucked, Both legs bent but out
(50X1) :05 down, no pause at the bottom, as afast as possible up, :02 hold at the top
(3333) :03 lowering your hip to the floor, hold for :03, Rise up for :03 into the side plank, hold in the up position for :03
(4242) :04 letting yourself down, hold flat for :02, Pull up for :04, hold at the top for :02


Do the main WOD today.