Wednesday May 31

May 30th, 2017

Strength / Skillwork

Rope Climb for time
Rx+ from seated position & legless
Rx w/ no jumping


“Black Death” , 1:00 Intervals of:
Tire Flips
Ball Slams
Rope Climb
(named after our own Megan Black, not the bubonic plague)

Start anywhere but then go in order.
Rx+: Large Tires, but not the huge tractor tires, 50/30# SB, NO Jump on Rope Climb
Rx: Same Tires as Rx+, 30/20# SB, Jumping for Rope Climb is allowed.


4 Rounds of 1:00 Intervals:
Jump Rope
Ball Slams, 20/15#
Ring Rows/Jumping Pull-ups (alternate as desired)
Leg Lift, Flutter kick, Sit-ups, Scissors
(pick 1 each round, no repeat)