Week of May 22 through 27

May 21st, 2017


Memorial Day Weekend Schedule
Saturday – We are doing Murph at Northside Park. 10am-12pm. No regular classes at FTX.
Monday – We will be closed.

The Central Regional is this Memorial Day Weekend in Nashville. Watch our very own Coach Jessica compete at Regionals for her 3rd year in a row! Go to the CrossFit channel on YouTube here to watch her compete!

Upcoming Events

Fire Team Challenge & Fundraiser – Saturday, June 3. More info here. Still a few spots left! We can also still use some more volunteers!


Seven Sons Farm

Next delivery is Saturday, June 10th. Order by, June 5th.
Delivery is to FTX CrossFit. Ordering is easy.
Are you getting the results you want? If not, then have you cleaned up your diet? We cannot emphasize how important a proper diet is to health. Quality food is a must. Seven Sons is a great source for grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free meat that is ethically grown. They also offer great dairy products and more, and all of the highest quality.

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Order here.

Specialty Classes

Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am – Burn!
Tuesday 7:30pm – Burn!
Wednesday 2:30pm – FTX Gold (55+)

CrossFit WODs

For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Zig Zag Circuit Agility Skillwork / Partner Chipper w/ a variety of Body Wt., Gymnastics & Jump Rope movements.
Tuesday – Running, Agility and Jumping Skillwork / FGB w/ Hang Cleans, S2O, Squats, Good Mornings & SDHP.
Wednesday – Agility Work / Body Wt. WOD for time w/ HSPU, Dips, Pistols, Push-ups & Pull-ups.
Thursday – Running Skillwork / FTX Obstacle Course
Friday – Agility Work & Max. Box Jump Ht. / Med. Short WOD w/ Running and Squats, Lunges & Step-ups.
Saturday – “Murph” at Northside Park (10am-12pm) – No regular classes at FTX.

Elements WODs

Great for beginners and advanced CrossFitters alike.
(Note: These WODs can also be done as an alternate during our regular classes as well. These WODs focus more on body weight movements, light weights, no barbells, and are more cardio focused.)

Monday – Solo version of the main WOD Chipper.
Tuesday – Interval training w/ Single DB Snatch, Squat, SL Deadlift, Press & Lunge.
Wednesday – Longer Body Wt. WOD w/ Push-ups, Dips, Lunges, Ring Rows & Squats.
Thursday – Longer Running WOD w/ Wall Balls, Slam Balls, Pull-ups (Ring Rows), Push-ups, Leg Raises & Dips.
Friday – 18 min. AMRAP w/ Squats, Leg Raises, Lunges & Scissors.
Saturday – No Elements on Saturdays.