Tuesday May 16

May 15th, 2017

Strength / Skillwork

Rope Climb Skillwork


“Obstacle Much?”[Go in any Order]
3 Rounds of: (30:00 cap)
1/0 Weaver
2/1 Flying Pull-up Bar ascent/decent
3/2 Pit (up-over-slide down)
4/3 Rope Climb
5/4 Cargo Net (up-down)
6/5 Double Pull-up Bar
7/6 Ramp Runs (touch the top)
8/7 Tire Flips
9/8 Body Hurdles
10/9 Over Box Jumps
(18-20-24-20-18″, Down and Back)

Rx+: as written
Rx: minus 1 rep for each movement (YES, this means Zero Weavers!) Also You are allowed to climb up the side of the pit to get over the top if need be.
– If there is a grouping around the Tires flip one back and forth between 2 athletes.


25:00 AMRAP (1/2 of Burn 9)
Run 400m
Row 500m
100 Singles
10 Ring Rows
10 Ball Slams, 20/15#
10 Burpees