Saturday April 29

April 28th, 2017

Strength / Skillwork

None today



And because it’s that time of year and the weather can go any which way….

Instead of the O’ Course…

We are doing “Jackie
For Time do:

1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups



Run 200m*
20 Wall Balls, 20/14#
Run 200m*
20 Slam Balls, 30/20#
Run 200m*
20 Pull-ups / Horizontal Ring Rows
Run 200m*
20 Push-ups, Hand release as needed
Run 200m*
20 Hanging Leg Raises (straight Legs)
Run 200m*
20 Dips, any style with full range of motion
Run 200m*
20 Prisoner Squats (1.5 rep)
Run 200m*

*Row if needed, injury/weather