Saturday April 8

April 7th, 2017


Classes Today (Saturday) – Only regular class will be at 9am due to Autism Speaks fundraiser, but come do the Autism Speaks WOD!
Autism Speaks WOD – Today (Saturday) from 10am-1pm. More info here. This event is open to all!
Open Party & Potluck
– This evening from 5pm-7pm and then we head to Wheaton Bowl from 7pm-?? More info here.


Strength / Skillwork

None today.


Two 10 min. AMRAPs w/ a 5 min. rest in between

10:00 AMRAP #1
[Start at 1 rep of each exercise and keep going up by 1 rep when you start a new round.]

  • Push-ups
  • Lunges (2-ct)
  • Ball Slam, 30/20# SB

Scale as needed. Go out of order and share SB if class is very large.
Write out 1-20 (or less) on a board and track what round and rep scheme you are on so as not to forget your number.

10:00 AMRAP #2

  • 32 D/U or 100 Singles
  • 16 MB Russian Twists, 20/14#
  • 8 Pull-ups