Week of March 13 through 18

March 12th, 2017

Upcoming Events

Week 4 of the 2017 CrossFit Open – February 23 through March 27 – 5 WODs / 5 Weeks –  Click here for more info on all that is happening at FTX during the Open. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned!

Thursday Evening CrossFit Open Announcement for 17.4 – Come watch the live webcast at 7pm and then watch our very own FTX Masters take on 17.4.

Remember that you all are responsible for entering your own scores for the Open on the CrossFit site. Entering your score on Wodify does not enter it on the main Games site.

Open Party & Potluck – Saturday, April 8th @ 5pm-7pm and then we head to Wheaton Bowl from 7pm-??


Specialty Classes

Tuesday 7:30pm – CYoga
Wednesday 2:30pm – FTX Gold (55+)
Wednesday 7:30pm – SMR

Seven Sons Farm

Next delivery is this Saturday, Mar. 18th. Order by this Monday, Mar. 13th.
Delivery is to FTX CrossFit. Ordering is easy.
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CrossFit WODs

For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – “Weston” Hero WOD.
Tuesday – Two death-by WODs – Burpee/Shoulder Press & Burpee/Deadlift.
Wednesday – Longer WOD w/ D/Us, Mt. Climber & Row.
Thursday – Accessory work – WOD focusing on weaker muscles w/ no time component.
Friday –  17.4.
Saturday – 17.4 + Alternate WOD will be available.

Elements WODs
Great for beginners and advanced CrossFitters alike.
(Note: These WODs can also be done as an alternate during our regular classes as well. These WODs focus more on body weight movements, light weights, no barbells, and are more cardio focused.)

Monday – Long WOD w/ Run, DB Push-Press, Leg Lifts & Supermans.
Tuesday – 15 min. AMRAP w/ Burpees, KB Deadlift & KB Push-press.
Wednesday – Longer WOD w/ Singles, Mt. Climbers & Row.
Thursday – 18 min. AMRAP w/ DB Push-press, Bench Dips, Windshield Wipers & Air Squats.
Friday – No Elements today. Do scaled of 17.4.
Saturday – No Elements on Saturdays.