Thursday March 9

March 8th, 2017


Come to the 17.3 CrossFit Open Announcement this Thursday at 7pm and then watch our very own FTX Rookies take on 17.3.

Strength / Skillwork

None today


4 Rounds of: (Adjust weight as needed, but if possible pick 1 Barbell weight with which you can do all of the following.)

  • 12 Barbell Roll-out (No solo 10, 15# plates)
  • 12 Bent-over Barbell Row
  • 12 OH Barbell Lunge (2-ct)
  • 12 Snatch Balance
  • :10 Handstand Hold

Each Round: Subtract 2 Reps, but Add :02 on the handstand.
Start light and add weight for at least the first 2 rounds as the reps decrease. Pace it! Rest between each exercise. Really focus on form and ROM!

So as not to damage the plate use (2) 10# plates or a 25# or more on your Roll-outs. Jump on someone else’s bar as needed since the workout is not scored today if that helps avoid having to many barbells on the floor.


Be mindful that 17.3 is tomorrow.
20:00 AMRAP of:

  • 10 Scotty-Bobs (1 push-up and pull is 1 rep)
  • 12 Box Jumps, 20/18″
  • 14 DB Lunges 20/15s
  • 20 D/U or 80 Singles