Thursday March 2

March 1st, 2017


2017 CrossFit Open – Come tonight, Thursday at 7pm, for the 17.2 Announcement! Watch the live webcast announcement and then cheer on our very own “FTX Gals” take on 17.2.
This year we have a bunch of stuff going on for the Open. Check out our 2017 FTX CrossFit Open page here for more information. It will be a fun time. Don’t miss out.

Sign-up at FTX for the Intramural part we’re doing for the Open. Also, with your partner grab one of the Bingo cards! Not too late to do that. Once you complete one Bingo card – start another one… but you’ll have to do the activities again!


Strength / Skillwork

None today


4 Rounds of:
8 Bent-over DB Flyes
8 Good Mornings
8 Top-Down KB Flyes
8 GHD Back Extensions
10s Hollow Hold (tuck leg, bend arms if needed)
Add 4 Reps and 10s each Round, Decrease Reps as needed.
Pace it! Rest between each exercise.

Pick relatively light weights


Be mindful that 17.2 is tomorrow.
4 Rounds of:
50 Singles
40 Mt. Climbers
30 JJ
20 Step-ups
10 Ring Rows, heels forward of center