Wednesday February 22

February 21st, 2017


2017 CrossFit Open – It starts this week! This year we have a bunch of stuff planned for the Open. Check out our 2017 FTX CrossFit Open page here for more information. It will be a fun time. Don’t miss out. Register here today!

Sign-up at FTX for the Intramural part we’re doing for the Open. Also, with your partner grab one of the Bingo cards!

Come this Thursday at 7pm for our 17.1 CrossFit Open workout announcement! Watch the live webcast announcement and then watch our very own guys throw down!



EMOTM, 10 Rounds
2 Clean & Jerks
7 OTB Burpees
On the 10th round after the 2 C&Js do as many OTB burpees as possible for your score. Only counts if you did every round before it within the minute. Only count the Burpees in final round for score.

Rx+: 80% of BW
Rx: 60% of BW


18:00 AMRAP

  • 100 Singles
  • 20 Step-ups
  • 20 Push-ups
  • 20 Ring Rows

Strength / Skillwork

Zig-Zag Circuit

In 10 yard lengths with multiple lanes, using 7 cones:
Sprint Forward, round a cone
Lateral Shuffle, round a cone
Lateral Shuffle, round a cone
Backpedal Run, round a cone
4 Over Box Jumps (on/over is ok), round a cone
Forward sprint to the finish.