Monday February 20

February 19th, 2017


2017 CrossFit Open – It starts this week! This year we have a bunch of stuff planned for the Open. Check out our 2017 FTX CrossFit Open page here for more information. It will be a fun time. Don’t miss out. Register here today!

Sign-up at FTX for the Intramural part we’re doing for the Open. Also, with your partner grab one of the Bingo cards!

Come this Thursday at 7pm for our 17.1 CrossFit Open workout announcement! Watch the live webcast announcement and then watch our very own guys throw down!


Strength / Skillwork

“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick!”
In 1:00 perform 10 yard shuttle Runs to collect 5 blocks. Collect blocks one at a time and place them in the bucket at the start line. After all the blocks are collected do as many hops over a PVC pipe on 12″ boxes as much as possible in the remaining time. Record number of hops.


Teams of 4-5: “Kettlebell Deck O’Cards”
Each teams works through a deck of cards For Time
Spades- Russian KBS
Clubs- KB Shoulder to Overhead
(ALT arms as desired)
Hearts- C-Crunch
Diamonds- Goblet Squat
Joker- 15 Burpees with 1 hand on the bell of the KB when in the down position. Alternate hands every rep. (2 jokers per deck)
Royals = 15 reps
Ace = 20 reps
2-10 = Face value

Teammates may help each other. If there are 4 teammates and a 7 of hearts is pulled each person can do 7 C-crunches, or look at it as the team does 28 and someone faster/stronger on that movement can do some reps for someone slower.
Rx: 35/25#
Scale as needed


20:00 Row for distance