Week of February 13 through 18

February 12th, 2017

Upcoming Events

Rep Your Gym Partner Competition – This Saturday, February 18th. 
2017 CrossFit Open – February 23 through March 27 – 5 WODs / 5 Weeks – Register here. Click here for more info on all that is happening at FTX during the Open. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned!


Seven Sons Farm

Next delivery is Saturday, Mar. 18th. Order by Monday, Mar. 13th.
Delivery is to FTX CrossFit. Ordering is easy.
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Cinderella Paleo

Make a New Year’s Resolution. Live Healthy! Start by eating right!


Tasty ready to eat meals made from fresh ingredients – quality grass-fed meats free of antibiotics and hormones, and locally grown vegetables that are organic where possible.

Also serving healthy kids’ lunches!

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CrossFit WODs

For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Ring Muscle-ups / FGB w/ Russian Twists, Plate Flips, KB C-Crunch, Plate OH Lunges & KB Figure 8’s.
Tuesday – Pistols / IWT Training of Snatches & Step-ups.
Wednesday – Long WOD w/ Running, Jump Rope & Rowing.
Thursday – Bar Muscle-ups / “Christine”.
Friday –  Max. Ht. Box Jump / Partner AMRAP w/ Wall Balls, Ball Slams & Leg Lifts.
Saturday – 8am & 9am Class only today due to Rep Your Gym Competition. WOD is a 9 min. partner AMRAP w/ Cleans, Jerks & Jump Rope.

Elements WODs
Great for beginners and advanced CrossFitters alike.
(Note: These WODs can also be done as an alternate during our regular classes as well. These WODs focus more on body weight movements, light weights, no barbells, and are more cardio focused.)

Monday – Do Fit level of the main WOD.
Tuesday – 3 Back-to-back 5 min. AMRAPs 1. DB Snatch & Jump Rope 2. Ball Slams & Bike 3. Lunges & Row.
Wednesday – Do main WOD.
Thursday – 20 min. AMRAP w/ Running, Burpees & KBS.
Friday – 20 min. AMRAP w/ Wall Ball, Ball Slams, Leg Lifts & Rowing.
Saturday – No Elements on Saturdays.