Friday February 3

February 2nd, 2017

SMR Workshop tomorrow Saturday, February 4th from 12pm-2pm

Come for 1 or both hours.


Strength / Skillwork

Sumo Squat
Do a warm-up set with an empty Barbell to feel postioning.
Start at about 30% of 1RM back squat and build up by 10-20# as it feels doable.


Traditional Tabata :20 On/:10 Off, 8x, Rest 1:00, Then Switch Stations

  • Walking Lunge
  • Bear Crawl (1 rep per cone)
  • Double-Unders (1 point for every 2 D/U)
  • Burpees

(Record only your Worst round for each movement)

Bear Crawl: Cones will be 4′ apart, 5 points per length. 20′ Lanes, use the floor mats.


Do the WOD