Wednesday February 1

January 31st, 2017


Rep Your Gym Competition
Saturday, February 18th
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15:00 AMRAP, w/ Teams of 3: 1 works while 2 Rest
10 Cal. Row
10 Burpees
10 Box Jump, 24/20″

Example: ( Do a walk through with each class!)
Billy does 10 Calories and tags Susie who THEN does 10 Burpees who tags Timmy, who THEN does 10 Box Jumps and immediately gets on the Rower to start the next round. After Timmy Rows he tags Billy who THEN does 10 Burpees, who then tags Susie who does 10 Box Jumps and hops on the Rower to start round 3. (SO whoever does the jumps also then does the Rower for the next round.)


Do the main WOD.

Strength / Skillwork

DB Bench / Push-up Superset
Do 8 Heavy* DB Presses on a flat Bench
Followed immediately by 8 Perfect Push-ups
Rest for about 1:00, Do this 5x
* The weight should be challenging but not to failure.