Week of January 2 through 7

January 1st, 2017

Happy New Year!


New Year’s Schedule

Monday, January 2nd – We will only have 10:00am, 12:15pm and 2:30pm classes.

Bro Night

This Friday at 6:30pm we will have Bro Night. A time of liftin’ weights, curlin’ iron and flexin’. Followed by a man’s movie and some brewskies.

Cinderella Paleo

Make a New Year’s Resolution. Live Healthy! Start by eating right!


Tasty ready to eat meals made from fresh ingredients – quality grass-fed meats free of antibiotics and hormones, and locally grown vegetables that are organic where possible.

Also serving healthy kids’ lunches!

Order here.

CrossFit WODs

For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – The tradition continues – 1st WOD of the year… Fran!
Tuesday – Shoulder Press / WOD w/ S2O & Box Jumps.
Wednesday – Back Squat / AMRAP w/ Rope Climbs & Double-Unders.
Thursday – Bench Press / Tabata w/ Wall Balls, Burpees & C&J.
Friday – Deadlift / Partner Chipper w/ KBS, KB Squat, T2B, Row, SDHP & S2O.
Saturday – Hang Clean / 20 min. AMRAP w/ Farmer Carry, Step-ups, Bear Crawl & Push-ups.

Elements WODs
Great for beginners and advanced CrossFitters alike.
(Note: These WODs can also be done as an alternate during our regular classes as well. These WODs focus more on body weight movements, light weights, no barbells, and are more cardio focused.)

Monday – WOD w/ DB Thrusters & Rowing.
Tuesday – WOD w/ DB Push Presses, Hanging Leg Lifts & Rowing.
Wednesday – Long AMRAP w/ Ring Rows, Lunges, Rowing & Goblet Squats.
Thursday – Med Long WOD w/ Wall Balls, Burpees & DB C&J.
Friday – Longer WOD w/ Step-ups, Russian KBS, Goblet Squats & Hanging Leg Raises.
Saturday – No Elements on Saturdays.