Saturday December 31

December 30th, 2016

Happy New Year!


We are closed today!

At Home New Year’s Eve WOD

Those that do it and post on Wodify will be eligible for prizes (Hoodie, FitAid & RxBars).

Do this Body Weight exercise WOD for time:

For time:

J – 31 Jumping Jacks
F – 28 Flutter Kicks (2 ct.)
M – 31 Mountain Climbers (2 ct.)
A – 30 Air Squats
J – 30 Jack Knife Sit-ups
J – 31 Jumping Lunges
A – 31 Alt. Single-leg Jump Squat (Pistols w/ a jump at top)
S – 30 Sit-ups
O – 31 One-arm Push-ups (Alternate)
N – 30 No! Oh, yes! Burpees for Bovember 🙂
D – 31 Dips (on a box/bench)

Scaled – Modify following months/exercises:

J – Jack Knife Sit-ups (Just get as high off of ground with both arms & legs as you can. Don’t worry about having to touch hands to feet.)
A – Alt. Single-leg Jump Squat to a box/bench/chair
O – One-arm Push-ups (Assisted and alternate) – Put one hand/arm on a raised object. Try to put as much weight on the arm that’s on the floor during push-up.

SORRY – Had to figure out a way to get Burpees in there!