Saturday December 3

December 2nd, 2016

FTX Christmas Party

Friday, December 9th – (6:00pm-9:00pm).
Last Name A-L = Bring a main dish to share
Last Name M-S = Bring 2 small appetizers or side dishes to share
Last Name T-Z = Bring a dessert to share

If you’ve got a signature dish you like making but it doesn’t fit with the above last name “assignments”, go ahead and trade with someone or just do it. 🙂
Bring your own adult beverages.

No RSVP necessary. Just come and join the fun!


Strength / Skillwork

Bench Press
Warm-up with 3×10 DB bench press.
Then with Barbell:
50-60-70-80-90% @ 5 reps
Use safety catches!


Teams of 2: (1 works : 1 Rests)
For time complete 10 Rounds total of (Partners alternate rounds, i.e. each partner will end up doing 5 rounds):
12 Wall Balls
24 OH plate Lunges

Rx: 20/14# MB, 45/25# Plate
Fit: 14/10# MB, 25/15# Plate