Week of November 14 through 19

November 13th, 2016

Upcoming Events

FTX Christmas Party – Friday, December 9th – (6:00pm-9:00pm)

Specialty Classes

CYogaTuesday 7:30 pm. CYoga will resume 11/22.

Seven Sons Farm

Next delivery is Saturday, Dec. 17th. Order by Monday, Dec. 12th.

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Order here.

Cinderella Paleo

Are you looking to eat healthier! Here’s an easy solution.


We are now working with Cinderella Paleo to bring you healthy ready-to-eat meals to FTX. Meals are delivered on Monday and Thursday evenings and will be stored in our fridge. You can pick them up at FTX at your convenience. Orders need to be submitted by Thursday 12pm for the following week. This stuff is delicious and of course made fresh with the best ingredients!

Also serving healthy kids’ lunches!

Order here.

CrossFit WODs

For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Ft. Squat / CrossFit Open 11.2.
Tuesday – Bench Press / CrossFit Open 12.4.
Wednesday – Shoulder Press / CrossFit Open 13.4.
Thursday – CrossFit Open 14.5/16.5.
Friday – Back Squat / CrossFit Open 14.2/15.2.
Saturday – Deadlift / CrossFit Open 16.3.

Elements WODs
Great for beginners and advanced CrossFitters alike.
(Note: These WODs can also be done as an alternate during our regular classes as well.)

Monday – AMRAP w/ Rowing, KB Deadlifts, Push-ups & Box Jumps.
Tuesday – 20:00 AMRAP w/ Wall Balls, Jump Rope & Jumping Pull-ups.
Wednesday – Triple AMRAP w/ MBSC & Leg Lifts.
Thursday – Longer WOD w/ DB Thrusters & Burpees.
Friday – ┬áMultiple short AMRAPs each with a leg/jump movement and a ring row, dip or push-up movement.
Saturday – No Elements class/WOD on Saturdays.