Thursday November 10

November 9th, 2016

Today, Thursday, Nov. 10, is the last day to sign-up for the Black Ops: Going Dark competition. If you are thinking about it – DO IT! Sign-up here. Please note that we will not have our regular Saturday classes due to the competition.


Strength / Skillwork

Max height box jump


Partner FGB (30:00), Alternate every minute. 1 Works:1 Rests
6x Through

  • 1:00 OH Lunges
  • 1:00 Row, Cal.
  • 1:00 KBS ‘merican
  • 1:00 DB Thrusters
  • 1:00 Ball Slam

Each partner will end up doing each movement 3x.

Athlete: 45/25# Plate, 55/35# KB, 30s/20s DB, 30/20# SB
Fit: 15/10# Plate, 35/20# KB, 20s/12s DB, 20/15# SB