Saturday November 5

November 4th, 2016

Strength / Skillwork

Back Squat
Warm-up with BB, then:
40-50-60% @ 3 reps
70-80-90-95-100+% @ 1 rep
If you are newer or haven’t been lifting regularly, do 4 sets of 3 reps and no 1 rep sets.


Death by Man-Makers
On the 1st minute do 1 rep
On the 2nd minute do 2 reps
On the 3rd minute do 3 reps
and so on.

All work is done with DBs.
1 Rep = Push-up, Row right, Push-up, Row left and finish with a cluster.
Cluster is a clean going straight into a thruster.

Competitor: 30s/20s
Athlete: 20s/15s
Fit: 15s/12s

Your score is the number of successful minutes completed, plus the number of reps performed in the final round where you failed to complete the required number.


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