Thursday September 22

September 21st, 2016

Strength / Skillwork

Back Squat
4×5, 3×1
50-60-70-80% @ 5 Reps
90-100% – PR @ 1 Rep
Newer lifters or those that haven’t been lifting regularly don’t do sets of 1. Just do the 4 sets of 5 reps.


TEAM: Deck of Cards, Teams of 3-5
(25:00 Cap)
Spades – Ball Slam
Hearts – Box Jump/Step-ups
Clubs – Jump rope: D/U or Sinlges 2:1
Diamonds – Russian KBS

# of reps per person are indicated by value of card (however reps are done as a team)
2-10, face value reps
Royals, 15 reps
Aces, 20 reps

Joker, When you get this card in your deck, make all other teams do 15 Burpees per person before they continue with their deck.

Each team gets a deck of cards with 2 jokers in it. Work through the deck, completing the required reps per person for each card when it is flipped as fast as possible.
Reps are done as a team, i.e. if you have a 3 person team and get a 9 of hearts, then the team has to do 27 box jumps/step-ups.

Athlete: 30/20# SB, 24/20″ Box, 55/35# KB
Fit: 20/15# SB, 20/16″ Box, 35/20# KB

Black Ops: Going Dark Competition
Saturday, November 12th

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