Wednesday September 21

September 20th, 2016

Strength / Skillwork

If you’ve never done our O’Course, then you will do a walk through today. Learn the obstacles and practice some. There won’t be time to do walk through, practice and run O’Course in one class session. You are welcome to do 2 classes. (Will only count as one for membership purposes.)


Run 800m w/ SB
20 Wall Balls w/ SB
Rope Climb, 2x
Over-box Jump Circuit, 1x
(20-18-20-18-20-24″ Box circuit)
Up and Down Flying Pull-up Bar
20 Ball Slams
Run 400m (no SB)
Tires and Balance Beams
Low crawl
Cargo Net
Double Pull-up Bar
Body Hurdles
Run 400m (no SB)
10 Tire Flips
Carry Bag for 200m

Competitor: as written, with 30/20# SB, Leaping on Flying pull-up bar, 50#/30# on bag
Athlete: 20/15# SB, 1st Run is 400m, 1 Rope climb, Normal climb on Flying pull-up bar. 10 Burpees for failed obstacles.
Fit: No SB on the Run, lighter weight SB for inside reps, lighter bag. 5 Burpees for missed obstacles.

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