Tuesday September 20

September 19th, 2016

Strength / Skillwork

Bench Press
4×5, 3×1
50-60-70-80% @5 reps
90-100% PR
DO NOT try to PR if you have not been benching regularly. Use of safety catches is mandatory!


One Dumbbell Chipper, For Time
(Use the DB on everything)
1 Lap Run 200m
10 Push-ups w/ DB right
20 Thrusters left
30 Ground to Overhead right
20 Overhead Squat left
10 Push-ups w/DB left
20 Thrusters right
30 Ground to Overhead left
20 Overhead Squat right
10 Pull-ups w/ DB between ankles
1 Lap Run 200m

Competitor: 45/30#
Athlete: 30/20#
Fit: 20/15#
Do NOT drop DBs!

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