Friday August 26

August 25th, 2016

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Strength / Skillwork

Rope climb
Skill work, 1 max set if able
Do not touch the floor if doing 1 max set. If you know that you can do more than 5 reps, then do legless instead (Legless going up, but use legs coming back down. Don’t touch floor.)


Cellmate Prison Break!

Teams of 2: One Weighted Bag per Team.
Start on Carpet in Front Area w/ Bag (30/20#)
Run 400m
All Obstacles In Reverse
Run 400m
Over Stacked 24″ Platforms (48″ Total height)
Over Box Jump Circuit, all soft plyos
10 plate stepping stones (feet can not touch the floor)
1 Rope Climb (only 1 athlete has to do this)
Run 400m

Bag CANNOT touch the ground!
Weaver is an up and over climb.