Friday June 3

June 2nd, 2016


Outdoor Class Wide Team WOD:
Multiply # of reps by athletes in class

Buy-in: Class wide 800m Indian Run, 10# SB
4 length, Sled Push-Pull, (45# plate added)
12 Turkish Get-Ups, 35/20# (Just inside the doors)
24 Ball Slam Burpees, 30/20# (In grass)
36 DB G2O, 45/30# (on the Mats)

– Anyone who should not run can do a 1,000m Row instead. They must finish the full row even if it takes longer than the run. They can not do reps until the team comes back if they finish early.
– Sleds have (1) 45# plate. 1 length = 40 yards
– DB lift can be snatch or C&J