Week of March 28 through April 2

March 28th, 2016


The 2016 CrossFit Open is over. Don’t freak out. Life isn’t over. Things will go on.


Congratulations to all that participated. You all did an awesome job. We saw so many that got PRs, accomplished various firsts, and a lot of camaraderie. It was great to see!

Specialty Classes

CYoga on Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Upcoming Events

Grunt Style – Survival of the Fittest – Saturday 4/23. More info and sign-up here. FTX friends and members use the referal code #FTXSurvival.
FTX CrossFit – Fire Team Challenge & Fundraiser – Saturday 6/18. More info and sign-up here.


For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Snatch Grip D/L & D/L / Chipper w/ Snatch, KTE, D/U, Goblet Squat and Row.
Tuesday – Good Morning & Reverse-hyper / Rowing and Push-up WOD.
Wednesday – Ft. Squat & Back Squat / 15:00 AMRAP w/ D/U, Hollow hold and D/L.
Thursday – Bench Press + Wtd. Dips / Med. length WOD w/ Run, Row, Wall Ball, Pull-up, Figure 8 KB and Sit-ups.
Friday – Cleans / “Dolores” or  “J.T.”.
Saturday – “Holbrook”