Tuesday March 29

March 28th, 2016


GHD Sit-ups 8 – 8 – Max (Max = No more than 15 if you are new. No more than 20 if you haven’t done these in a while, and no more than 1.5-2x of the highest set you’ve done in the last 2-4 weeks. This is no joke. You can seriously hurt yourself if you disregard these limits.)

Good Mornings 8 – 8 – 8

L-Sit (Max. duration)

Reverse Hypers 8 – 8 – 8 (The point of this exercise isn’t how much wt. you can do. The point is to use this machine to warm-up and cool-down posterior chain and also to increase range of motion of posterior chain.)


Get up to and continue Rowing @ 35 s/m or more. When you break, dismount and do Push-ups to failure. Rest 1:00
Perform 4 Rounds
– Count Your Calories and Push-ups for a score.

-Every stroke on the rower must must see the handle going past your bent knees and at least over your feet. The Strokes must touch your torso on the pull. (i.e. no super short reps, or lock-knee strokes)
– Maintain a plank during push-ups or the set is over. Ladies may do Push-ups with palms on a 20″ box for Rx. No sagging hips and no arched hips.