Week of March 7 through 12

March 6th, 2016


The CrossFit Open Week 3

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This Thursday evening we will have the CrossFit Open announcement at 7pm. Come watch the announcement with us. Then after the announcement join cheering our very own athletes on that will be doing the WOD. This week it will be “Husbands vs. Wives” with our very own WODing couples – The Covingtons, Hamiltons and Schaffers!

Skill Work – This week our skill work classes (see schedule) will be the Muscle-up. This movement will be coming up in the Open. Count on it!

Specialty Classes – CYoga on Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Personal Training – What is it? What does it include? When most think of personal training they think of doing a workout 1-on-1 with a trainer. While we do offer that, our personal training sessions can be used for much more:

  • Custom programming – For those that need or want custom programming. Custom programming for many is creating a plan to supplement our regular programming to help with weaknesses and/or go to the next level. It is also for those that for one reason or another need a lot of customization due to a particular physical need or condition.
  • Nutrition counseling – We’ll help and guide you with your diet. We’ll monitor a diet journal and make appropriate suggestions. We can offer meal planning and more.*
  • Goal setting – We’ll sit down with you and develop a plan for achieving specific goals and objectives over a 1-6 month period.

*Our nutrition counseling is based on common sense dietary principles and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or allergies.


For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Muscle-upĀ / Med. long WOD w/ Pull-ups, Push-presses and Ft. Squats.
Tuesday – Snatch Press & Strict PressĀ / Med. WOD w/ Deadlift, OH Lunges & OTB Burpees.
Wednesday – Push Press & Thrusters / Short Amrap w/ Wall Balls, Bear Crawls and Push-ups.
Thursday – Max. Box Jump Ht & 3 Pos. Snatch / Short WOD w/ Pull-ups, Squats & HSPUs.
Friday – WOD 16.3.
Saturday – WOD 16.3 + an alternate WOD.