Monday March 7

March 6th, 2016


10:00 of Muscle-up work
3 max. set attemps


For Time, 15:00 cap
100 Pull-ups
75 Push-presses
50 Front Squats

Competitor: C2B, 115/75#
Athlete: Pull-up, 85/55#
Health: Ring Row, 65/35#

One clock will keep track of total time. Another clock will be set to 45s rounds. Switch movements every 45s when the clock beeps. Start on any movement. You’re done when you’ve completed all the required reps. If the clock beeps and you get to a movement you’ve completed, then you just rest until you again get to an unfinished movement. If you reach the time cap, then your score is 15:00 plus 1s for each unfinished rep.

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