CrossFit Open 16.2

March 2nd, 2016

This is week 2 of the CrossFit Open!

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On Friday we will all be doing 16.2. On Saturday we will be doing 16.2 again, but will offer an alternate WOD as well. On Monday we will have a different WOD as our primary, but those that are registered in the Open can do 16.2 again if they want.

Please remember that actual judging and the judge’s sheets are reserved for those that are actually signed up for the Open. Those that aren’t signed up for the Open will still do the WOD, but just not be judged. Open athletes please avoid trying to do or re-do the Open WOD at the last minute, i.e. 4:30pm+ on Mondays. As an additional accommodation, we will be open on Sunday 5:00pm+ for those wanting to do or re-do the WOD then. Also, on Saturdays we’re there from 8am-1:30pm as usual. Please remember that many of our members are not participating in the Open and that on Monday the primary WOD is not the Open WOD. We will accomodate re-dos on Monday during peak hours on a space and judge available basis. We just ask for everyone’s patience as we work on having FTX be the best possible place to workout for everyone. Also, we ask Open athletes to keep the following in mind:

  1. Safety is #1 – Even though ensuring a participant’s safety (i.e. proper mechanics) isn’t a duty of the judges in the CrossFit Open as per CrossFit rules, it still remains our primary concern. If any of our trainers feels that something isn’t safe, then they will stop the WOD. We’d rather you be mad at us than get hurt.
  2. Movement Standards – To preserve the integrity of the competition and our standards as a CrossFit affiliate we need to be strict on this. Please be understanding of any judge that calls a ‘no rep’. You are welcome to stop the WOD and restart on the next heat if you want.
  3. Other stuff – We will try to give every Open participant the opportunity to make their own perfect individual “set up” for any of the given WODs as long as it meets CrossFit Open rules. We know people have preferences for particular barbells, proximity to gear, who judges them, style of music, etc. We will accommodate as best as we can. Please be patient if it things take a little longer or get a little hectic. Please continue to respect our box rules in regards to use of equipment and attire. Help us to make the Open be a positive experience for everyone!

IMPORTANT – Open Athletes – Remember you are responsible for posting your own scores on the site by each Monday at 7pm. We (FTX CrossFit) validate scores, but you the individual athlete is responsible for posting the scores. Make sure you double-check to make sure your score registered.