CrossFit Open 16.1

February 25th, 2016

The 2016 CrossFit Open has started!

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On Friday all will be doing 16.1. Those not signed up for the CrossFit Open yet, sign up here. You have until 7pm on Monday to sign up and be able to participate and submit scores for a 5 WODs. Don’t miss out! On Saturday we will be doing 16.1 again, but will offer an alternate WOD as well. On Monday we will have a different WOD as our primary, but those that are registered in the Open can do 16.1¬†again if they want.

The CrossFit Open is for EVERYONE. ANYONE can do it. The benefits of doing the Open are:

  1. Challenging yourself. You will improve!
  2. Being part of an awesome community and getting involved.
  3. The Open will force you to work on efficiency and proper mechanics. You will get better!
  4. It will motivate you over the next 5 weeks and beyond!
  5. You may find yourself setting firsts and PRs!
  6. You’ll have fun!

16.1 is a long WOD (20 minutes) and requires quite a bit of space. Our trainers will try to run this one as smoothly as possible and we appreciate your patience in advance. Please remember that actual judging and the judge’s sheets are reserved for those that are actually signed up for the Open. Those that aren’t signed up for the Open will still do the WOD, but just not be judged.

IMPORTANT – Open Athletes – Remember you are responsible for posting your own scores on the site by each Monday at 7pm. We (FTX CrossFit) validate scores, but you the individual athlete is responsible for posting the scores.