Schedule/Class Update

February 17th, 2016

Next week we are implementing an updated schedule of classes. We constantly strive to improve. We are always monitoring everything we do to provide our members with the best experience and the best results. Starting next week you will see the following:

Open Gym – We’ve listened to your concerns. We will have Open Gym available at all times that we are open. We have two designated spaces for this purpose – Our Olympic Lifting area (by the mirror) and the Open Gym area by the front desk. You may use other areas/racks on a space available basis. Please remember that you are still required to sign/check in for each class hour or part thereof that you attend (You are allowed to warm-up a few minutes extra before classes and cool-down a few minutes extra after classes without having to sign in for an additional class, but if you are doing any lifting, doing a WOD, or using the rig, racks, rings, etc. then you do need to sign/check in.)

Intro Class – Our initial Intro class will be a 90 minute session now. New Members will then continue on a special beginner’s track until they are ready to full integrate into our regular classes.

Skill Classes РThese are 30 minute sessions done during the first half of a class in lieu of strength training. Please review the new schedule below.

8:00 am Class – This hour will now only be Open Gym. We haven’t had enough people taking advantage of classes during this hour. This will give our trainers more time to complete other critical tasks.