Week of January 4 through 9

January 4th, 2016


Our Grand Opening celebration for the New Location is this Saturday.

Grand Opening and Open House – On Saturday, January 9th from 8am-3pm, we will be hosting our Grand Opening for our new location. It will be an Open House with WODs, food, drinks, music and activities. If you know someone that should try and do CrossFit, then invite them. We will be having an Introductory class every hour.  Please see the Events on this page and our FB Event page for more information. This day is for both our existing members and potential new members. There will be prizes (movie tickets for two) for those members that bring the most guests! Remember that for every referral that signs up for a membership you get a free month*. Hope to see you all there. Don’t miss it!

* Restrictions apply.

New membership level – As of January 1st we will be offering a new level of membership – unlimited plus ($225/mo). This includes all the benefits of our regular unlimited membership plus a free beverage each time you workout (max 1 per day), storage cubbie for personal gear, 1 hour per month of personal training, and storage of a personal bar.

Personal Training – What is it? What does it include? When most think of personal training they think of doing a workout 1-on-1 with a trainer. While we do offer that, our personal training sessions can be used for much more:

  • Custom programming – For those that need or want custom programming. Custom programming for many is creating a plan to supplement our regular programming to help with weaknesses and/or go to the next level. It is also for those that for one reason or another need a lot of customization due to a particular physical need or condition.
  • Nutrition counseling – We’ll help and guide you with your diet. We’ll monitor a diet journal and make appropriate suggestions. We can offer meal planning and more.*
  • Goal setting – We’ll sit down with you and develop a plan for achieving specific goals and objectives over a 1-6 month period.

*Our nutrition counseling is based on common sense dietary principles and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or allergies.

Seven Sons Farms – Our next delivery is this Saturday, January 23rd. Last day to order was this Monday, January 18th. Check out their website here for more information and pricing. No amount of exercise can overcome a bad diet. Do yourself a favor, you workout hard so make sure you feed your body quality fuel.


For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Back Squat / WOD w/ Snatches, Thrusters  & Air Squats.
Tuesday – Strict Press / Med. WOD of Rope Climbs & Slam Balls.
Wednesday – Snatch Press & Snatch-grip Deadlift / Team WOD w/ Burpees, Lunges, Mt. Climbers & Cleans.
Thursday – Snatch / Kettlebell FGB w/ S2O, Goblet Squats, KBS, SDHP & Snatches.
Friday – Deadlift / 20:00 AMRAP w/ Running, Burpees, KBS & Wall Balls.
Saturday – Grand Re-opening celebration – Front Squats / 2 short WODs – 7:00 AMRAP w/ Rowing & Box Jumps and 10 RD. “Cindy”.