Week of December 7 through 12

December 9th, 2015


Construction – We are continuing to get the new location done. Our bathrooms underwent some modifications to meet ADA code. We have received new equipment. Our front desk area is making progress. Things are proceeding on schedule for us to all ready for the New Year!

Christmas Party and Cookie Exchange – On Saturday, December 12th, we will be having our Annual Christmas Party from 6:00pm-9:30pm. Please see the Events on this page and our FB Event page for more information. Hope to see you all there. Don’t miss it!


2014 FTX CrossFit Christmas Party Photo

Seven Sons Farms – Our next delivery is this Saturday, December 12th. Last day to order was this Monday, December 7. Check out their website here for more information and pricing. No amount of exercise can overcome a bad diet. Do yourself a favor, you workout hard so make sure you feed your body quality fuel.


For full details on WODs please see Wodify.

Monday – Max Ht. Box Jump and Max. Broad Jump /4 rds for time of: Lunges, Box Jumps, KBS and HR Push-ups.
Tuesday – Snatch Press and Shoulder Press / Med. Long chipper w/ a variety of exercises.
Wednesday – Snatch / FGB Style w/ Rowing, Push-press, Russian Twists, Pull-ups and Slam Balls.
Thursday – Snatch Grip Deadlift and Reg. Deadlift / “Start the Engine” WOD consisting of D/Us and Burpees.
Friday – OHS, Ft. Squat and Back Squat / Class-wide Chipper w/ SDHPs, Thrusters, Rowing, Burpees, Shuttle Runs and strict Pull-ups.
Saturday – Winter Indoor-Septathlon w/ 1. C&J 2. Max D/Us 3. Max Box Jump Ht. 4. 500m Row 5. Rope Climb event 6. M/U or P/U test 7. “Grace”.