FTX 2015-08-29

August 27th, 2015

FTX CrossFit – Saturday

Team O’Course
Teams of 4 (2 men & 2 women)
2 members run driveway back and forth.
2 members do sled drag w/ members that ran the driveway, i.e. sit on sled. Rx / Scaled w/ 90 lbs. to end of driveway.
2 members run driveway back and forth while sleds are turned around.
2 members do sled drag w/ members that ran the driveway, i.e. sit on sled. Rx / Scaled w/ 90 lbs. back to beginning.
40 Team Deadlifts 405# Rx / 315# Scaled (all 4 lift bar)
30 Burpees (ea. does 30)
20 cal row. (ea. does 20 cals)
10 Square push-ups (Each member is perpendicular to another w/ feet on the shoulders of another member. Members must perform push-ups simultaneously.) Scaled is 10 reg. push-ups in unison as a team.
Monkey bars 8x – while one team member does monkey bars, the other 3 hang on the side bars. 40 penalty Burpees for each member that falls off while hanging. Once you fall off, you don’t have to hang again during that traverse. The penalty burpees are done as a team after a successful traverse, but before the next traverse or before moving on to rope climbs. The monkey bar traverses can be done by any team member(s), whether just 1 or split up between all 4. If someone falls off the monkey bars, that traverse doesn’t count. 
Rope climbs 16x – All four team members get on the ropes. One person at a time climbs their rope, while the rest just hang on to rope. If anyone lets go of a rope while the assigned team member is climbing, then that climb doesn’t count. Divide rope climbs as desired among members. Only one person has to actually climb, but would have to do 16 in that case. (Scaled is 4x)
Do an 800m Indian run w/ 30# slam ball. (Scaled = 20# slam ball)
Cargo Net, Up & Over, Hurdles and Pit. NO weaver. Run 200m after each obstacle. Perform each of these as a team as follows. For each obstacle the team will have to carry a 60# bag and 40# bag over the obstacles and during the 200m runs. Split load as needed. No more than 2 persons at a time may be on any given obstacle. The 2 on a given obstacle may assist each other any which way. Each pair will be responsible for one of the bags at a time while on obstacles. A 40 team burpee penalty applies everytime a bag touches the ground. (Both bags maybe set down w/o additional penalty during a 40 burpee penalty.) Bags maybe rested on the obstacles only while doing that particular obstacle.
Tire/tube challenge – 40 tires will be setup on one side of the tube. All members must run through tube and 40 tires. Then as a team all tires will have to go through tube, any which way, and setup on other side. Then team will run through all tires and tube again.
Tire flip 10x – Teams will flip the large 400# tire 10x.
Partner carry for 400m – Run 400m as a team, but 2 members must be carried at all times. Alternate/switch as needed. (Scaled – Only 1 must be carried at all times.)
Do an 800m Indian run w/ 30# slam ball. (Scaled = 20# slam ball)