Week of August 17 through 22

August 16th, 2015


This Saturday, August 22nd, we will have only the 8am and 9am classes due our participation in the Dirt Runner. Hope as many of you as possible can make it.

This week has a Fight Gone Bad Theme. Have fun!


Specialty Classes

Sign-up is required for our specialty classes. You must register for these classes a minimum of 12 hours in advance on Wodify.

Gymnastics Clinic – None this week.
Strength/Flexibility (Yoga) class – Tuesday at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.
Endurance Class – None this week.
Beginner and Intermediate Olympic Lifting – None this week.

Honored Prairie / Seven Sons Farm

Our next delivery of fresh grass-fed meats, dairy and more will be Saturday, September 19th. The last day to order for that delivery will be Monday, September 14. Click here to order.

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Weekly WOD Summary

Monday – Back Squat / Heavy FGB w/ Deadlifts, DB Thrusters, Ring Dips, KBS & Wall Balls.
Tuesday – Benchmark Fight Gone Bad / Deadlift and Straight-leg Deadlift.
Wednesday – 5 Round Endurance FGB w/ Jump rope, Push-ups, Box Jumps, Sit-ups & Pull-ups / Row.
Thursday – Bench Press / TEAM FGB w/ Front Squats, S2O, OTB Burpees, SDHP & T2B.
Friday – FGB variant w/ Squat Cleans, Push-Presses & Clean & Jerks / Clean & Jerk.
Saturday – HSPU / “Annie” / Split Jerk