FTX July ’15 O-course

July 17th, 2015

FTX CrossFit – CrossFit


FTX O-course (No Measure)

10x “Over the Fence”

Run 400m

10x Alternate Arm Swings

10x Back Scratcher

10x Gymnastic Kipp

Obstacle Walk Through!


FTX O’Course (Time)

Indoor portion:

Sled Drag 100m w/ 90lbs men and 60lbs women

10 Ground to Overhead of 3/4 Bodyweight /10 Wallball 20#/14# at 10′ and 8′

20 Burpees

30 Situps

Traverse parallel bars (10 dips )

Climb over 12′ Wall / Climb up and down 12′ Wall / 5 wall hops

Go under Chicken Wire Obstacle

Cross Monkey Bars (15 Pull-ups)

Climb 15′ Rope x2 (Ground to standing 5x)

Outdoor portion:

200m run*

Climb Cargo Net (Up and Over) / Climb Cargo Net and just touch top bar / Climb 1/2 way

200m run*

Weaver obstacle (Climb over weaver obstacle, i.e. no weaving)

200m run*

High bar obstacle up and over / High bar obstacle just grab high bar

200m run*

Body hurdles obstacle

200m run*

The Pit obstacle (Go up one side and slide back down)

200m run*

Tube Obstacle

200m run*

Tire flip 10x

200m run*

Tire obstacle

200m run*

Balance beam obstacle

200m run*

1000m run (2 laps around church)

* On five of the ten 200m runs you will carry one of the following objects. Carry each one once in any order you choose. You choose when you’ll carry an object.

60#/40# Bag / 40#/20# Bag


45#/30# DBs/ 35#/20# KBs

Wood Palette / Chair

Tub of water

In case of rain, we will do the indoor portion 2-3x with 5-7 minute rests in between.