FTX 2015-06-01 Monday

May 31st, 2015

FTX CrossFit – Monday

BODYWEIGHT WEEK! Try not to get no repped!


Push Press (:20 ON / :40 OFF, 5x)
Select an optimal load for this work:rest cycle. The heaviest weight you believe you can move well for each :20. Record total reps.


For 10:00 go over Form on all 4 movements and variants. Find what you can do with Full ROM before the WOD begins.

Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds For Time of: Trainers will “No Rep” partial ROM.

  • 10 Ring Rows (Heels on 24″ Box)
  • 10 Hand-Release Push-ups
  • 10 “Box” Squats (Box or Ball behind you)
  • Rest :30

Time Cap: 15:00
Rx+: as written
Rx: Ring Row w/ feet on floor 10″ in front of line Push-ups
Scaled: as needed, but still full ROM

1-Mile Run (Time)

Max Effort 1-Mile Run
If time allows