Week of May 4 through May 9

May 3rd, 2015


Specialty Classes

We are bringing you more options and a greater variety!
Sign-up is required for our specialty classes. You must register for these classes a minimum of 12 hours in advance on Wodify.

Gymnastics Clinic – Monday 5:30pm.
Strength/Flexibility (Yoga) class – Tuesday at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.
Endurance Class – Wednesday at 5:30pm and Saturday 8am.
Beginner Olympic Lifting – Saturday 10am class will from now on be dedicated to Olympic Lifting for Beginner to Intermediate Level. We’ll still have an Intro class at that hour, but no regular CrossFit class.


Honored Prairie / Seven Sons Farm

Our next delivery for fresh grass-fed meats, dairy and more will be on Saturday, May 16. The last day to order for that delivery will be Monday May 11. Click here to order.

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Weekly WOD Summary

Monday – Back Squat / “Barbara”.
Tuesday – Deadlift and Squat Cleans.
Wednesday – Front Squat / Series of short AMRAPs w/ Running, Slam  balls, T2Bs and Wall Balls.
Thursday – Bench Press / Pyramid WOD w/ Box Jumps and HSPUs.
 – OHS / Series of short AMRAPs w/ Jump rope, KBS and Bear Crawls.
Saturday – Shoulder Press / 20:00 Team AMRAP w/ Sit-ups, Wall Balls and Push-ups.