2015-03-11 Wednesday

March 10th, 2015

FTX CrossFit

Weighted Pull-ups (5-5-5-5-5)

Scaled – No bands today! Partner up and have a partner provide assistance only for as much as is needed. (Put 1 foot in partner’s hands and push-up/assist as needed). Make sure chin clears bar!

Metcon (Time)

Chipper for time (20:00 time cap)
Perform in any order 3x each. Rotate through exercises. Same exercise can’t be performed twice in a row. Must do another exercise before returning for 2nd and 3rd times.
(Scaled – Modified exercises listed in parenthesis)

  • 5 Rope climbs (15 Ground to standing)
  • 25 Step-ups 45/30# DBs (30/20# DBs)
  • 50 D/U (150 singles)
  • 500m Row