Week of March 2 through 7

March 1st, 2015


Specialty Classes

Sign-up is required for our specialty classes. You must register for these classes a minimum of 12 hours in advance on Wodify.
Gymnastics Clinic – Monday 5:30pm.
Strength/Flexibility (Yoga) class – Tuesday at 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

Weekly WOD Summary

Monday – Med. WOD w/ SDHP, Push Presses & Back Squats / Deadlift.
Tuesday – WOD w/ Row, Shuttle Runs & Box Jumps / Back Squat.
Wednesday – Med. WOD w/ TGUs, S/Us,  OHS, & D/Us / Push Press.
Thursday -Med. Long WOD w/ Row, D/Us & M/Us / OHS.
Friday & Saturday –  CrossFit Open 15.2 / We will also have an alternate WOD.

The Open Week #2! Bring it on!

Register here. You have until Monday 7pm CT (5pm PT) to sign-up and have done 15.1. No excuses. Just do it!

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