Week of January 5 through 10

January 4th, 2015


Seven Sons / Honored Prairie Delivery

This Saturday, January 10th. Place your order by Monday, January 5th.
Your health depends on 3 things – Fitness, Diet and Rest. You workout hard doing CrossFit. Don’t negate that with a bad diet. Seven Sons farm part of the Honored Prairie network is a great source for quality meats w/o the added hormones or antibiotics. Also, the animals are fed natural healthy diets and live in clean and humane conditions versus fed bacteria causing junk and living in squalid conditions covered in feces. You are what you eat! Click on either banner for their website.

HonoredPrairiescreenshot-sevensons.net 2015-01-02 07-52-00

Specialty Classes

Gymnastics movements class – Monday 5:30pm – Improve your pull-ups, dips, HSPU, handstand walks, etc. Sign-up is required for this class.
Strength/Flexibility (Yoga) class – Starts next week!

Weekly WOD Summary

Monday – Thrusters / 3 AMRAPs – Wallball/T2B, Cleans/Burpees, MU-C2B-PU.
Tuesday – L-sits & Pistols / 14.2 CrossFit Open WOD
Wednesday – Deadlift / Med. short WOD w/ D/U, Snatches & Box Jumps.
Thursday – Split Jerk / Team row.
Friday – Back squat, Front Squat & OHS / Med. AMRAP of KBS, S2O & Pistols.
Saturday – HSPU skillwork / Tabata – Lunges, Sit-ups, Ring Rows, Mt. Climbers (2-ct)