December 8th, 2014

FTX CrossFit – Tuesday


Hollow Holds (:15s, :30s, :45s, :60s….) rest time between holds = hold time from hold just completed. Once you fail to hold for the amount of time dictated you are done. This is essentially a death-by hollow-holds.
Handstand Push-ups (5 x of (5 reps + :30s rest) Last set = max reps)

Metcon (Distance)

18:00 Team AMRAP
in teams of 3-4:

Team members alternate rowing 500m at a time. No one starts on a rower at the beginning. One rower per team.

Members must complete 10 reps x # of team members of each of the following in order to send one of their team members to row. Each team member must cycle through in regards to rowing. Once a team member completes a 500m row they resume assisting the rest of the team with getting through the exercises:

– Slam Ball Burpees
– Slam Ball Sit-ups
– Slam Ball Russian Twists (2ct)
– Slam Ball OH Lunges (1ct)

Score is # of meters rowed.

20/10# on slam balls.