Week of December 8 through 13

December 7th, 2014


Saturday Schedule – Due to our participating in the Meet & Compete at CrossFit Xyston we will only be having an 8am class this Saturday.
Come join us this Saturday, December 13th at CrossFit Xyston. The Meet & Compete events are very casual inter-box competitions that are perfect for beginners. They are also a great way to meet other from the CrossFit community in the Western Chicago Suburbs. See our events page for more information.

Specialty Classes

None this week

Christmas Party on December 19th

We’ll hold a potluck Christmas Dinner Party from 6:30pm – 9:30pm on December 19th. Save the date! More information here.

Weekly WOD Summary

Monday – Back Squat & Wt. Pull-ups – Short AMRAP w/ Cleans, T2B & HR Push-ups
Tuesday – Hollow holds & Practicing the HSPU –  Long WOD w/ rows and slam balls.
Wednesday – Strict Press, Push Press and Split Jerk – Row 1000m for time
Thursday – Deadlift & Lying DB Pull-overs – 2 Short AMRAPs: 8-ct Body Builders / D/Us & S/Us
Friday – Bench Press  & GHD S/Us – Med. Metcon w/ KBS, Box Jumps and Pull-ups
Saturday – Long Metcon w/ Row, DB Thrusters and K2E