Week of October 27 through November 1

October 26th, 2014


All those that have verified their profile, entered their payment information and signed the waiver and contract in Wodify will be entered for a drawing of prizes. Winners will be announced later this week!

Specialty Classes

Over the next few weeks we will be re-introducing and introducing our various Specialty classes. The following is a schedule of the current Specialty Classes. Whenever we add a new one you will see it here in our weekly announcements, on our website schedule and on the Wodify schedule. Please remember that you have to register on Wodify for the Specialty classes. We recommend you do so for our regular classes, but for the regular classes it is not mandatory. For Specialty classes you need to register no later than 7:30pm the night prior to the class. You can register as much as a week in advance. If there are no registered participants, the class will be cancelled automatically. Also, most Specialty Classes will have smaller attendance limits.

Mondays – 5:30pm – 6:30pm – Gymnastics clinic – This specialty class is for anyone interested in improving any of the following movements: pull-ups, muscle-ups, T2B, K2E, HSPU, ring dips and handstand walks. This class consists of hand-ons instruction for improving technique and efficiency in these movements.

SMR Class December 6-7

All participants receive 8 hours of hands-on instruction per day in the Alexander Method of SMR, digital & printed copies of the Level 1 or Level 2 RumbleRoller Certification manual (Written instructions with full-color pictures and anatomical illustrations in a 102-page or 300-page workbook), and a Beastie ball and base from RumbleRoller.

For more information go here.

Weekly WOD Summary

Monday – Bench Press – Skillwork on HSPU followed by Death by Pull-ups.
Tuesday –┬áNo strength – Today we bring you a classic Benchmark WOD – Filthy Fifty!
Wednesday – No strength – Snatch Skillwork – Med. short Metcon w/ snatch high-pulls & core exercises.
Thursday – Back Squat – FGB Style WOD (Light wts. – High reps)
Friday – Strict Press – Team Deck O Cards – Pull-ups, squats, burpees, KBS and HSPU.
Saturday – Deadlift – Med. Metcon w/ running if weather permits (otherwise rowing). Lots of wall balls in this one.