Week of October 20 through 25

October 19th, 2014


We are continuing the implementation of Wodify. Hopefully everyone is getting familiarized and enjoying all the new features. Please make sure that you all have:

  1. Logged in and verified all your personal information.
  2. Added your payment information. (This needs to be done by everyone, even if we had your information on the old system. We could not transfer encrypted information from the old system to Wodify.)
  3. Electronically signed the membership contract and waiver.

Everyone that does this by this Saturday, 10/25, will get their name put in for a raffle of CrossFit-Reebok Nano 4.0 shoes and other goodies.

Shirts, Hoodies and Skull-caps

This week we will be announcing our FTX CrossFit Fall Athletic Apparrel. Thanks to Box Rat for the great designs. Be on the lookout for our release this Wednesday and the opening of pre-orders.

SMR Class December 6-7

All participants receive 8 hours of hands-on instruction per day in the Alexander Method of SMR, digital & printed copies of the Level 1 or Level 2 RumbleRoller Certification manual (Written instructions with full-color pictures and anatomical illustrations in a 102-page or 300-page workbook), and a Beastie ball and base from RumbleRoller.

For more information go here.


Weekly WOD Summary

The following is a summary of this weeks training program. We announce this a week at a time to better help you coordiante your training at FTX CrossFit with any other sports/activities you are involved with.

  • Mon – Front Squat – Med. length Metcon w/ emphasis on legs and pull-ups
  • Tue – Push-press – 20:00 AMRAP “Cindy” – Yes, this will mean pull-ups 2 days in a row, but we won’t have any the rest of the week.
  • Wed – No strength – Long endurance WOD involving rowing
  • Thu – Good mornings –  2 Short AMRAPs focusing on posterior chain and core
  • Fri – Close-grip bench press – Chipper WOD
  • Sat – OHS – Work on OLY Snatch lift. 8am & 10am will be for beginners and 9am & 11am for more advanced.