Week of October 12th through 20th

October 12th, 2014


Social and inter-box competition

This Saturday we are having the Oktoberfest Meet and Compete at CrossFit Caliber.

When: 9:00am-12:30pm with food and social time after.
Where: CrossFit Caliber at 1092 Frances Dr, Streamwood, IL 60107

For those that want to go together meet at FTX at 8:30am. 


Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new system and getting familiarized. Please ensure that you’ve logged on the system and have verified your information, entered your payment information and signed the membership contract and waiver. Everyone needs to do is in Wodify regardless of whatever payment information you’ve provided in the past. None of that information transferred from the old system to Wodify.

This next week we will be implementing the class reservation system:

Though class reservations will not be mandatory per se, there will be class limits. Class limits will be somewhat WOD dependent and therefore change. You’ll be able to see the class size limit for each class in the class reservation system. At this time given current attendance levels, we don’t anticipate issues with class availability – even at the last minute. So you can still show up without having made a reservation. But we do recommend people to use the reservation system to guarantee a spot, since if for some reason we do have a very large class those with a reservation will be given priority. The class reservation system also has several additional benefits:

  • Ensures no one class is too crowded. Class size can also be a safety issue given equipment needs of some WODs.
  • Allows people to seek out classes with their preferred level of attendance. Some people like a less crowded class versus others want a more lively environment.
  • Allows you to see who else will be coming to a particular class. It also allows trainers to see who is coming, and this is especially helpful to allow us to be better prepared for those members that need modifications.
  • Helps us to better staff our classes and make sure there is a good trainer to member ratio.

 A few other things to keep in mind when using our class reservation system:

  • Regular Classes – Reservations for regular classes will open a week prior and close right when a class is scheduled to start.
  • Specialty Classes – The reservation system will be mandatory for our specialty classes. Class size limits will be much smaller for our specialty classes. In the case of specialty classes reservations will open a week prior, but will close 12 hours prior to the class. If there are no sign-ups for a specialty class when reservations close 12 hours prior, then that class will be cancelled.
  • Intro Classes – The reservation system will also become mandatory for our Intro classes. Again, the Intro classes will have smaller class size limits. They also will open a week in advance, but will close 2 hours prior to the class. Again, if there are no sign-ups for an Intro class when registrations closes 2 hours prior to the class, the Intro class will be cancelled.
  • No-shows – A no-show with our classes will not be penalized at this time, but please be courteous to other members and our trainers and cancel your reservation if you are not going to be able to make it.

For those interested in also tracking nutrition, Wodify has a journal feature that allows you to keep track of your diet, water intake and sleep habits throughout the day. Furthermore, you can ask a trainer to grade your progress and make comments.

It is our hope you all are as excited about all this new system can do as we are! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Weekly WOD overview

For the past year we have been announcing WODs a week in advance. The primary reason for this was to allow people to better plan their strength training and coordinate their overall training given other sports and activities. Given the posting system of Wodify, we will not be announcing WODs a week in advance. WODs will post at 5pm the day prior. We will however post a weekly overview on Sundays at 3pm. We will continue to use this overview to make our weekly announcements. This overview will show which strength movements will be featured each day that week, and we will also post a brief overview of the planned WODs. In the case of benchmark WODs their names will be listed. We hope this new format will still meet everyone’s needs. Feedback is much appreciated.

Monday, October 13th – Strength = Bench Press / WOD = Med. length Metcon w/ heavy emphasis on shoulders

Tuesday, October 14th – Strength = Back Squat / WOD = FGB style

Wednesday, October 15th – Strength = Cleans / WOD = AMRAP w/ focus on core and pull-ups

Thursday, October 16th – Strength = None / WOD = Long endurance

Friday, October 17th – Strength = Deadlift / WOD = 2 short AMRAPs w/ focus on posterior chain

Saturday, October 18th – Strength = Strict Press / WOD = Karen
We’ll only be open from 8:00am-10:00am. This is so that we can have the greatest possible participation at the Oktoberfest Meet & Compete at CrossFit Caliber.