Week of September 22 through 27

September 21st, 2014


Specialty Classes
Pull-up Clinic – Work on pull-up, T2B and K2E progression – Monday at 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Strength Work This Week
This week we are working on building up to 1RMs (1 Rep Maximums). Do NOT do this if you haven’t been lifting consistently (3x+ per week) for the last 4 weeks. 1RMs should only be attempted by those that have been slowly working up to it and are familiar with the proper execution of the exercise in question. Doing otherwise is a recipe for injury. Those that are not ready for a 1RM should do 3-5 sets of 5-8 reps each. Making each progressive set a little heavier. The last two sets should be hard to get 5-6 reps.

Monday, September 22

Strength – Back Squat build to 1RM

Briefing – Lots of full body movements, which will require a lot of stamina and endurance. All energy systems will be hit by this WOD if you can keep moving at a consistent pace. The weights are NOT meant to be heavy but manageable for high volume.

Dual AMRAP, East + West
10:00 AMRAP

  • 7 T2B – Leg Lifts
  • 9 Burpees
  • 11 Pull-upsRing Rows
  • 13 Wall Balls 20/14 @ 10’/9’14/10# @10’/8’

Rest 5:00
10:00 AMRAP

  • 7 Cleans, 115/75#75/45#
  • 9 Russian KBS 55/35#35/20#
  • 11 S2O 115/75#75/45#
  • 13 KB SDHP 55/35#35/20#

Tuesday, September 23

Strength – Strict Press build to 1RM

Briefing – Tabatas are designed for power-Endurance and this one is no exception.

Tabata 20:10 Split for 8 rounds on each movement

  • Lateral Shuttle Runs
  • Clapper Push-upsH.R. Push-ups
  • Over-the-Box Jump – Box Jump 16/12”
  • OH Throws (SB) 20/10#

Wednesday, September 24

Strength – Turkish-Get-up Ladder, KB to BB

Briefing – The Focus is the KBS, which will require very good form and a strong hip movement, something to manage even when tired. This is a necessity for CrossFitters who must often be able to utilize full body power even when tired. This is especially true with the OLY lifts.

4 Rounds for Time: (20:00 Time Cap)

  • 50 D/U100 Singles
  • 30 KBS 70/55#55/35#35/20#


Thursday, September 25

Strength – Deadlift to 1RM

Briefing – The Volume is low on these hard movements, so focus on the form and try to avoid failed reps.

For Time, 10-8-6-4-2 of: (20:00 time cap)

  • M/U – C2B Pull-upsPull-ups
  • Deficit HSPUHSPUMod. HSPU
  • Alt. Pistol Squats w/ 45/20# – Alt. Pistol SquatsPrisoner Squats (1.5 squats)

Friday, September 26

Strength – Bench – Build to 1RM

Briefing – Make sure you have your weights picked out for each movement. Only 1 Barbell per athlete is allowed, switch out your own weights. Remember to plan in the provided rest times when picking your weights. Also, the rest times are part of your final time, do NOT subtract them out in the end. The row times are target times which you must meet or beat.

“Do the Math” (30:00 Time Cap)

  • Row 500m** – 1:40/1:50 – 1:50/2:002:00/2:15
  • Rest 2:00
  • 3000#s – 2000#s1000#s G2O*
  • Rest 2:00
  • 3000#s – 2000#s1000#s Squatted*
  • Rest 2:00
  • 3000#s – 2000#s1000#s Strict Pressed*
  • Rest 2:00
  • Row 500m** – 1:40/1:50 – 1:50/2:002:00/2:15

*Pick whatever weight you want to use for that movement. The weight listed is the total number of lbs. that must be moved.

**ADD 1:00 to your final time for each time you missed the target Rowing Time.

Saturday, September 27

Strength – None

Briefing –  If you’ve never done the obstacle course, please keep the following in mind: It will take us about 1 hour to show you all the obstacles. If you want to also run the whole obstacle course, then plan on 2 hours. But, just practicing the O’Course obstacles is a workout in and of itself.

Obstacle Course Challenge
The course has two components – an indoor portion with an immediate transition to an outside portion.

Indoor portion:

  1. Sled Drag 100m w/ 90lbs men and 60lbs women
  2. 10 Ground to Overhead of 3/4 Bodyweight /10 Wallball 20#/14# at 10′ and 8′
  3. 20 Burpees
  4. 30 Situps
  5. Traverse parallel bars (10 dips )
  6. Climb over 12′ Wall / Climb up and down 12′ Wall / 5 wall hops
  7. Go under Chicken Wire Obstacle
  8. Cross Monkey Bars (15 Pull-ups)
  9. Climb 15′ Rope x2 (Ground to standing 5x)

Outdoor portion:

  1. 200m run*
  2. Climb Cargo Net (Up and Over) / Climb Cargo Net and just touch top bar / Climb 1/2 way
  3. 200m run*
  4. Weaver obstacle (Climb over weaver obstacle, i.e. no weaving)
  5. 200m run*
  6. High bar obstacle up and over / High bar obstacle just grab high bar
  7. 200m run*
  8. Body hurdles obstacle
  9. 200m run*
  10. The Pit obstacle (Go up one side and slide back down)
  11. 200m run*
  12. Tube Obstacle
  13. 200m run*
  14. Tire flip 10x
  15. 200m run*
  16. Tire obstacle
  17. 200m run*
  18. Balance beam obstacle
  19. 200m run*
  20. 1000m run (2 laps around church)

* On five of the ten 200m runs you will carry one of the following objects. Carry each one once in any order you choose. You choose when you’ll carry an object.

  1. 60#/40# Bag / 40#/20# Bag
  2. Tire
  3. 45#/30# DBs/ 35#/20# KBs
  4. Wood Palette / Chair
  5. Tub of water

In case of rain, we will do the indoor portion 2-3x with 5-7 minute rests in between.