Week of July 14 through 19

July 13th, 2014


Class Schedule
Our class schedule has been updated. The changes primarily affect the availability of our introductory “Intro” classes. We now have 5 different introductory classes. We will require everyone to attend at least one, but highly recommend beginners to attend all 5. The introductory classes are marked A, B, C, D and E. Each one will have a different focus and can be completed in any order. “Intro” classes can also be repeated as often as desired/needed.

We now have childcare available for some of our AM classes. Please see the updated schedule for times. This is for children ages 18 mo. to 7 years old. Please see a trainer if your child isn’t in this age range for a possible accommodation. Cost is $3/child/class or $15/child/month.

Specialty Classes
Beginner Olympic Lifting Class – Monday at 5:30pm-6:30pm.
Endurance Class – Wednesday at 5:30pm-6:30pm.
SMR Class – Thursday at 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Goal Setting Sessions and Personal Training Package
***Member only special***
$40 ($100 value) – 30 minute goal setting session, 45 minutes of personal training and a follow-up 30 minute goal setting session in 60-90 days.
$100 ($220 value) – 30 minute goal setting session, 3 x 1 hour personal training sessions and a follow-up 30 minute goal setting session in 60-90 days.

  • Goal setting sessions are designed to help you establish clear, realistic and measurable goals for yourself. We will then work with you on how to obtain those goals in a 60-90 day period. These sessions will include a discussion of your dietary needs to accomplish the established goals.
  • Personal training sessions are designed to work with you 1-on-1 on areas were you need extra instruction, motivation or other guidance.

E-mail Rachel Scott at rachel@ftxcrossfit.com to schedule your goal setting sessions and personal training. You can request a particular trainer or let us assign you one.


Honored Prairie
Our next delivery is Saturday, July 26th. Your last day to order is Monday, July 21st.
We can’t emphasize enough the importance of all three aspects of a healthy life – diet, rest, and exercise. If any one of those is neglected, then sooner or later you will pay. The saying that “You are what you eat” is more true today than ever given all the pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial ingredients, GMOs, sugar and other chemicals/contaminants that are found in our food.
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If you have any questions please call Jennifer Schwartz at (630) 981-4965

Strength Program
Click here to learn more about our strength program in our FAQ section.

Monday, July 14

StrengthGreen/Blue = Strict Press – Black = Week 3/Day 1

Briefing: These multiple AMRAPs are short with decent rest and should be treated as a sprint speed with light pacing. The movements are well balanced over the whole body with some emphasis on the shoulders. Stamina is the primary energy system being trained. The weight used on the cleans in the first AMRAP should be relatively light for you and be done in unbroken sets.

4:00 of:

  • 12 Cleans 115/75# – 95/65# – 65/35#
  • 24 Wall Balls 20/14# – 14/10#

Rest 3:00

4:00 of:

  • 10 Burpee
  • 30 D/U – 50 Singles

Rest 3:00

4:00 of: “1/4 Cindy”

  • 5 Pull-ups Assisted Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Squats

Tuesday, July 15

StrengthGreen/Blue = Bench Press – Black = Week 3/Day 2

FGB-inspired, for SPEED, :15 On/:45 Off
Briefing: This will take the same amount of time as a FGB but with only :15 of Work per minute. This WOD is all about speed with ample rest to work on hitting the reps as hard as possible.  The legs are going to burn.

Rotate through the stations, in order, count all reps

  • Hang Clean 95/6565/35# (start in the hang)
  • 10 yard Shuttle Runs, 1-hand touch, (Cones in Driveway)
  • Calorie Row
  • 5 yard Lateral Shuttle Runs, (Cones in Driveway)
  • Over-box Jump Circuit, 20/16” (3 boxes = 3 reps) – Box jumps 16” (use big boxes on low side)

Wednesday, July 16

Strength – Snatch Ladder (Rest about 1:00 between sets. This is not a competition, so do not rush it. Focus on good form.) The BB can be altered to the weights needed for the WOD, then return the BB to its original weight for the next class. Just 1 BB at each weight follow one another through the ladder. If you need more rest take it and let people pass you. Sets will be very short.

  • 5 reps Each @ 45/35#, 65/45#, 75/55#
  • 3 reps each @ 95/65#, 105/75#, 125/85#
  • 1 rep Each @ 135/95#, 145/105#

Green: Practice the Snatch with a MB then DB then BB (Over by the West Wall)
Black = Do Blue today.

Briefing: There is no time component today, focus on efficiency in your movements and producing peak power output on the 1st and 3rd movements. Focus on Core strength and balance on the 2nd. Use your performance on the Snatch ladder to pick a good weight for the Snatch in the WOD. Any style of Snatch is acceptable. Phosphogen is the primary energy path today.

  • 9 Wall Balls 20/14# @ 14’/12’20/14# @  12’/10’14/10# @ 10’/8’
  • 6 Windshield Wipers (1-ct) – Floor Wipers (no weight)
  • 3 Snatches @ 80% of 1RM – @ 70% of 1RM5-10# higher than you have done in a WOD before

Thursday, July 17

StrengthGreen/Blue = Back Squat – Black = Week 3/Day 3

Briefing: Long endurance WOD. Choose weights that allow you to keep moving uninterrupted.

25:00 AMRAP

  • Run 43 Laps
  • 10 Sit-ups
  • 10 Flutter Kicks (2-ct)
  • KB Farmer carry 55s/35s – 20s/15s (to 1st tree and back by driveway)
  • 10 Burpees
  • 10 DB Alt. One-Arm Snatch 45/30# – 20/12#

Friday, July 18

StrengthGreen/Blue = Deadlift – Black = Week 3/Day 4

Briefing: Prepare for complete exhaustion. The first 2 short rounds are AMRAPs and focus on Stamina conditioning and add a pre-exhaustion element before the Chipper begins. Hard work on the first 2 AMRAPs is encouraged by rewarding :03 off for every rep completed during those periods. This is a full body day but expect for your grip, arms and shoulders to be drained.

3 rounds:

  • 2:00 AMRAP, Rest 2:00, Record reps
  • 3:00 AMRAP, Rest 3:00, Record reps

Full Chipper, For Time

  • 50 D/U or 100 Singles
  • 10 Thrusters 115/75# – 85/55# – 65/35#
  • 20 Weighted Step-ups 45s/30s – 30s/20s – 20s/12s (Box should be knee height)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 20 T2B Leg Lifts
  • 30 Mt. Climbers, 2-ct.
  • 20 C2B – Pull-ups Mod. Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-presses 115/75# – 85/55# – 65/35#
  • 50 D/U – 100 Singles

Score = Chipper Time (in seconds) – [AMRAP scores(reps) x 3]

Saturday, July 19

StrengthGreen/Blue = Build up to D/L and Front Squat weight for WOD – Black = Do Blue AND Week 3/Day 5

Briefing: This is a Hero WOD and there can be used as a Benchmark. Track your score and any modifications made. The volume is not high but there is a lot of strength-endurance here, especially in the legs and core.

3 rounds for time of:

  • 21 Deadlifts 185/125#135/95# – 95/65#
  • 15 Pull-upsMod. Pull-ups
  • 9 Front squats 185/135# – 135/95# – 95/65#*

* Green only may work of rack on Ft. Squat.


Air Force Senior Airman Bryan R. Bell, 23, of Erie, Pennsylvania, assigned to 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron at Barksdale Air Force Base, died January 5, 2012 at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, of injuries suffered when his vehicle struck an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife Alaina Bell.