WOD Sat. Aug. 10

August 9th, 2013

Today (Saturday) we are doing something different.
We are holding all our classes down at
the Wheaton North High School track.



The Track & Field WOD

100m Dash
Rest 2:00
1600m Relay (Teams of 4)
Rest 4:00
1 mile for time
Rest 4:00
Each of the above events will be timed separately. The rest times are approximate in order to keep things moving.

Then proceed through the following stations (no time component):

  • MB Shot Put
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Softball Throw
  • Soccer Throw

You get 3 tries on each of these.

If you want to be timed for a particular event or something (like an 800m run) we can do that also.